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Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort, Pune
About 90km away from Pune is this fort built by Sahaji. The fort is arduous to climb as it was a deliberate effort to ensure security from enimies. Jijabai spent her period of pregnancy in this fort and gave birth to great Shivaji Maharaj in 1627. Shivaji was named after the goddess “Shivani” whose temple is also very close by. Shivaji spent his childhood learning his basic knowlede and skills in this fort only. It was through Shivaji's early lessons and training in this fort that he realised the concept of Swaraj(self-rule). So one can attribute all the contributions of Shivaji Mahraj to his training in this fort.

Near to the fort is Nane Ghat, providing a great view of Konkan Reigon and beautiful scenery. Very close to it is Jivdhan which is famus for trekking. One has to pass through seven doors to enter actual fort. At the center of the fort is a waterpond, 'Badami Talav' with statue of Jijabai with son Shivaji, to the south of it.

Must visit for those who wish to explore the childhood of great Shivaji Mahraj as well as for those who wish to experience trekking.

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